News items you probably haven’t heard or read about the Lockdown

Because I really have nothing else to do today (literally nothing) – I thought I’d search the internet for news items you probably haven’t heard or read about relating to the Lockdown.  

To mix things up a bit I have taken results using different search terms from page 10 of Google.

So here goes: 

Search term: Putting up with your cat during Lockdown?

Coronavirus: Trapped cat ‘put on weight in lockdown’. Published by BBC News

Stuff to do during lockdown: Tips from our cats. Published by Letting Nature Back In

Search term: Did people not know how to wash their hands before the Lockdown?

20 Facts That Will Change the Way You Wash Your Hands. Published by

What do the new lockdown rules mean? Published by

Search term: How not to go mad during Lockdown

How to Avoid Going Crazy During Lockdown. Published by the StartUp

Lockdown living: how Europeans are avoiding going stir crazy. Published in the Guardian

Search term: How not to hate your kids during Lockdown

‘Don’t make a drama’: a survival guide for parents during family isolation. Published by The Observer

Is Your Child Spiraling Out of Control During Lockdown? Published by Psychology Today

Search term: Coping with in laws during Lockdown

How to stay creative and keep your family sane during lockdown – from one of the world’s best teachers. Published by The World Economic Forum

A guide to how you can still get divorced under coronavirus “lockdown”. Published by Woolley & Co Solicitors 

At this stage I was starting to struggle with search terms so I searched: ‘different lockdown search terms’

The Great Lockdown: Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression. Published by IMFBlog

UK lockdown causes surge in DIY haircuts? Published by Statista

Search term: Can I learn Mandarin during Lockdown? 

How to learn a foreign language in lockdown without leaving the house. Published by Independent ie

Use the lockdown to learn a new language, for free! Published by Swindonian

Oh, and Shì de nǐ kěyǐ 

So there you go, a few articles about the Lockdown you probably haven’t heard or read. 

News items you probably haven’t heard or read about the Lockdown. @talktojason #freelance #marketing and #PR

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